Firefox: Changing Address Searching From Google to Startpage

Start page is a more private way of searching the web. This is important to me and undoubtedly is important to others, or at least it should be. One aspect of Firefox that I have always liked is the ability to type something into the address bar and have it do a search for it. Basically it functions as a link to a search engine. However, it uses google's search engine by default and with no obvious way to change it.

Luckily, after a little searching myself, I figured out a way to change this. Now mind you that these instructions will work with any other search engine you might want to change to, but I will be focusing on startpage.

'The Divide' Trailer: Don't Touch Michael Biehn's Cooked Ham

Michael Biehn (of Aliens and Terminator fame) doesn't like people in his apocalypse basement. He, even more so, doesn't like people touching his cooked ham. Guy from Heroes goes into his basement and touches his ham. Things just got real folks. Hit the jump for a trailer.

Real World Heroics: Being An Awesome Brother

Gamestop, that place where once $50.00 games sell for $0.50, has brought about the best story of the day. Good things happening in the most unlikely of places. To Gamestops credit, most of its employees have been friendly and helpful to me in the past, but I digress.

Two brothers, one 16ish and the other 11ish, entered Gamestop looking for a game and a controller. Right from the get go the story is heart warming, with the older brother having the younger sibling choose both the game and the controller. The younger brother insisted that the game have a female protagonist, which I get 100%, and so the brothers sought help from a female Gamestop employee. The decided upon game was Mirrors Edge, one of the most underrated games. To match, the young boy also wanted a "girl color controller". Purple was the choice.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

I do not like doing traditional reviews, especially ones where I give a rating after summing up a movie. It feels like it cheapens the whole experience and insults all who were involved in the making of the film. I don't even like to give out information about what occurs in a film as I personally enjoy them much more when I know little to nothing about them. So if you want a review look elsewhere. No spoilers here.

I had heard a lot about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo long before its release and it was definitely on my radar. I like Daniel Craig, David Fincher is a good director, and the pictures of Rooney Mara in character drew me in. I think the years have also helped me to develop a sense of when a film will be good and when it will be bad. My built in sensor was telling me that TGWTDT was going to be another movie where I enjoy it overall but others would not because of its pacing or darker content. I think my sensor was pretty spot on.

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